This publishers of this book cover has been getting a lot of mail regarding the interracial nature portrayed on it. The author even received notice from a book club that often reads her books that they would not be reading this one, but not because they’re racist. After all, they have a number of black member sin their circle.

Maisey Yates, the author of The Highest Price to Pay is asking that if you feel that you can support this cover to let her publishers know. Send feedback via their website, send them a twitter message, or break out the ol’ pen & paper and write them a letter. Please take the time to let them know that not everyone out there is bigoted.

Tweets: @HarlequinBooks or @MillsandBoonUK 

Harlequin Books website or Mills and Boon UK website

Both companies also have Facebook pages, if you would prefer to comment that way.

Wow! So appreciative of the support. And I want to add that Harlequin/Mills & Boon has been very supportive of me an of this book. But I want to good feedback to drown out all that ignorant bad stuff!

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    This is absolutely asinine. Please support this author. As an author of several erotic stories in which the characters...
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    If you support this interracial romance cover (I do!) from author @maiseyyates, please let @HarlequinBooks or...
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